Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday at Artsmart

So I went to the Artsmart event in Chelsea College with Ciselle.
I was pleasantly surprised with the whole event because there was a craft market with stalls selling creative handmade work.
Being an admirer of crafty people I made time to visit the stalls. 
These will be added to the 'Fan of' list;
 Tamara Walsh, a hat and wig artist who had made her headbands from vinyl and Miriam Robertson Millinery who makes deliciously gorgeous hats.
Had a chance to chat to The Zombie Collective, whose illustrations amazed me. On top of that they were very nice people. They are Kingston graduates who seem to enjoy what they do. I purchased my first print from them:
Copyright Maggie Li
(if the watermark doesn't register)
I'm so excited by this print- can't wait to hang this in my new place.
And here is the artists website
We attended talks by industry insiders, then went to RCA for to see the Summer show.
Just have to mention Soyoung Hyun's animation because I loved it.
I've got plenty of love.


  1. so glad you like the print and I hope you find a nice place to hang it :)

  2. Thanks Maggie! Nice to hear from you. You guys are great:)