Sunday, 29 May 2011

"Gone Fishing"

She needed some air.

Like this composition better.

Observations from the bus

I've been meaning to do this 
 Pink is a favorite colour amongst some people.

 Was leaving the bus when I spotted her eye catching coat.

Two people responding differently to the Wednesday heat.


Going through my sketches and I came across these.
Gave one to my parents, I want to make cards from these as well.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hello, ladies!

My sister has the most gorgeous pair of ankle length boots and I want to get a pair.
I barely and rarely walk in stilettos.
Exercise in digital painting.

costume portrait day

This Wednesday I helped a little in the Costume Portrait day which is an even run by the university's ASEAN Society and Life-drawing society. Check out thier blog.
 Its a really fun event where sitters pay to be drawn by student artists. The sitters can wear crazy accessories like wigs,sunglasses, and masks. After the session the drawings can be bought. The blog explains it better than I do. 
Anyways, I enjoyed it.

 The sitters were very fun to draw- you could see  they felt like a rock stars. With ridiculous wigs.

I realized how much I miss Life Drawing, despite being one of the students who help run the society.
Thanks Natan and ASEAN society.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Past and Present

I like outdoing myself. Someone reminded me of my rock girl illustrations I did eons ago. It was a spontaneous and pleasant surprise. As I didn’t draw it on the right paper, they didn’t scan well but I might as well show them;

So I'm working on better versions of them.
Along with that there were some old Ancient Egyptian drawings I did.

These were done before Photoshop (those dark days) so I used ArtRage™ which has similar features and interesting tools.
I don't know if the stripes of color work.

Production, Movies, Madness

Still working on our film, its looking good. Managed to squeeze some time on Friday for  Sofia Cappola’s Marie Antoinette (cupcakes, costumes and cinematography!) while watching it I was sketching and referencing from a book of historical fashion.

 These don't represent a specific era (I think) but was a lot of fun to draw.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

'Got tissues for your issues?'

Another sketch from this week, its hay fever season.

More jellyfish ladies

Been a busy week of production, early bed and excessive consumption of Muller yogurt. Again, playing with watercolors, creating mermaid jellyfish weirdness.

Not the most convincing fish, if you can spot it- i tried