Saturday, 18 June 2011


Progress on the beauties;
Again, the colours might be too intense in this one.
 When my scanner gets working, I'll add more. Here are the few sketches  I thought of adding in. Will do another line-up. 

'Singing in the rain' (that song is playing on loop in my head- until I complete the series)

I think the second one works best. Thoughts anyone?

Friday, 17 June 2011

Singing in the rain part3

Can't- stop- painting.
Some more dancers/ballerinas- this is no way meant to be raunchy, I just enjoy drawing the human figure.
Returning to a real life now.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Singing in the rain part 2

Here we go. Suitable for the current weather. 

Not sure about the backgrounds, and some of the poses.  Here are some that are still work in progress, I like these ones better. 
Speaking of work in progress, another work I've been doing in the weekend at home:
I wanted to do something addressing the issue of beauty and the pressure to conform (with young girls/women). Tired of seeing the same faces in girly magazines and adverts. 
Its cheesy I know, but I believe that beauty is subjective, so this work is titled
"what is beauty?"

Forgive the watermark- its work in progress.

Singin in the rain part 1

Partly inspired by the English weather,  'Singing in the Rain', ballerinas and jazz music- I did some sketches of dancers during the weekend.
My scanner is barely functioning.
Hoping to create a series using digital painting. 
 Here is one of the few

 Still learning brushes in photoshop.
 The background was indeed inspired by Clio Chiang and her work 'Rain Rain'. She has been my favorite artist for years- so super talented. Check out her blog - its breathtakingly awesome.

Basking in the finish line

We are done!
What a journey, feel like making an speech. But first I'd like to say

I remember when I showed this blog to a special someone- her delight in my work made my heart smile. Thank you for appreciating my art Ellie! I've not forgotten Canada. I will be there when the time comes.

My best buddies always there to lift my mood.
Mr Doughnut, Mr Yogurt
Thanks for following me and reading this blog.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weekend at home

Almost there. We are almost done with our final year animation.

Due to the project work I've had to put all my sketches on hold. But there are so many creative ideas in my head waiting to be brought to life. Can't wait. Right now, I'm home for the weekend, in sunny Berkshire.

Even started doing photography;

 Family got new chickens in the for of chicks, I love them.
All they do is eat, poop, sleep and chirp a lot while doing so- what a life.