Friday, 29 July 2011

Class of 2020

It would be sad to see these endangered animals gone- the year book idea is a bit random.
When I lived in East Africa (Uganda) we witnessed a cheetah hunting on a trip to Serengeti (Tanzania), thanks to a local park ranger who guided us.
It was great and so exciting, seeing 3 cheetahs run (barely visible, they are so fast). After a couple of minutes  they took their prey to a tree in the distance.
Unfortunately, we weren't the only spectators. As the cats settled to eat, and 6 large vehicles crammed with tourists and flashing cameras drove over to where the cheetahs were and  circled them. The park ranger was not happy.
We drove towards the cars so the ranger could tell the drivers to give the cheetahs space but her protests were ignored by them. People were happily snapping on using flash photography.
Being surrounded by big cars at such close proximity, you could see how unsettled the cheetahs were.Keep in mind cheetahs rarely get a successful hunt and are shy.
So after barely eating, they left leaving most the carcass to the vultures.
Copyright  © Rose Rigden (I love her cards)
Its so annoying when people infringe on wild animals for no credible reason.But it was incredible having seen the cheetahs hunt. Pity the other cars failed to give them the distance they needed.

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