Sunday, 27 March 2011

I follow rivers

This has been an ongoing project. I just had to respond to this song. Its called 'I follow rivers' by Lykke Li. Its haunting, yet very beautiful. I love it. And I tried to illustrate it,

Used Biro, scanned and painted in Photoshop
  I had made several designs in Photoshop (about 15) before I was sort of happy with this one:
This is how I pictured the illustration to be, but I feel it doesn't work
Keeping it simple.

Lykke Li wasn't available to sit for the drawing, so I used a photograph by Daniel Jackson (can't access his website, but Google him)
Working on this illustration has somehow kept me sane for these past weeks. Its a personal project, but I'm happy to show it.

Saw the music video- directed by Tarik Saleh, for the first time today. Really good.  Somehow similar to how I imagined it.

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