Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Adebanji Alade

Its been a month and a while since I posted in this blog.

This is because I'm reconsidering the artistic direction I'm taking for this blog (too many strange hairs and jellyfish ladies). And also because of the big final year film we have been working hard on. Its not directed by me, but my super talented colleague.
Anyways I had time to take a workshop facilitated by the Fine Art Collective taught Mr Alade. I've been a fan of Adebanji Alades art and you can see why on his blog and website.

The workshop was called 'Drawing in the Tube', involving drawing people in the tube.
 As an animator, drawing people in public is fundamental but its not something I do regularly. Which is why I took this workshop.
We learned plenty. I loved watching Alade sketch. He did one of me:

Art by Adebanji Alade

Isn't it amazing(ly real)?

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